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Airports Zagreb - Airport Pleso - Town Zagreb - Croatia - General Information

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PHONE NUMBER       00385 91 516 52 36 - IVA
                                              00385 91 500 33 55 - KRESIMIR

Company Mission

The purpose of the existence, operation and development of the airport Ltd. the fulfillment of a significant social role in satisfying the needs of the community, availability of appropriate infrastructure, with a modern organization and management, as well as the expertise and high professionalism of all employees provides safe and regular transport of people and goods by air.

  The role that the Zagreb Airport, Ltd. has in connecting the city of Zagreb with other parts of Croatia, and Croatia with Europe and the world, is of vital economic and political significance.

  Continuous realization of planned development goals on the principles of profitability Airport Ltd. constitutes an important factor of social stability at the local level and an important assumption of global development through economic development activities compatible activities Airports website, and an originator of air traffic development in the Republic of Croatia, through the development of infrastructure, technology and expert knowledge.

Company Vision

Given the geographic position and orientation of the Republic of Croatia to the European and other integrations, Zagreb Airport, Ltd. in terms of development to this integration process.

  Based on the adopted strategy, which read: "To be the leading airport in quality service, safety and redovitosti traffic, protect the environment, and distinguished partner airline companies and other users of services, which follows their quality," General Manager Airports website introduced the following:

Quality policy

The efficiency of operations and future development of the organization, degree of satisfaction of service users, owners and workers, as well as permanent and strong relations with local and foreign partners dostignutoj depend on the level of quality and safety of the airport Ltd.

  In its overall operations of Zagreb Airport, Ltd., in all their activities provides quality service and safety that is above the quality of service and security competition. Minimum level of quality is the fulfillment of the requirements of ISO 9001:2000.

  The right measure of quality of services provided by the total of them gives the user.

  Among the basic requirements of market - prices, profits, quality - the quality of decision making is preferred.

  Quality occurs in all segments of business, at all stages of the process and procedures in all service delivery and in any place of business. Reaching the set level of quality and improvement is achieved through constant control, the permanent removal of the causes nekvalitete and implementation of preventive measures, which includes continuous training, modern techniques and technology, the modern organization and method of management.

  Monitoring the experiences of European and international airports, constant improvement and training devoted special attention, where by the Department.

  Responsibility for quality is confirmed through an integrated system of management quality as a whole.

  Quality and safety are periodically examined and evaluated by the Board.

  Procedures protect the environment is continuously adjusted with the requirements of ISO 14001, and the demands of partners, including knowledge about the world's achievements in the management environment.

Quality policy commits all employees and is embedded in the quality manual and other documents.

  Elaboration objectives at all levels of management, the Board and co-workers systematically and completely implement this policy.

  Contribution to the implementation of quality policy is a significant measure in the evaluation of the work of every employee at the Airport website

  Quality policy is publicly announced.

Bosko Matkovic, B. Sc. ing machine.
General Manager
Zagreb Airport, Ltd.

Building the most modern infrastructure and technology, and within the Master Plan, Zagreb Airport, Ltd. becomes a regional hub of air traffic in this part of Europe.

  New marketing strategies establish cooperation with companies in the Far East and North America.

  New passenger terminal, the expansion of installed capacity for Aircraft, passengers and cargo, technical equipment and integrated system of quality Zagreb Airport Ltd. ensure continuity of development and make it recognizable, particularly with respect to traffic safety and quality of services provided by its users.

Chief executive of the airport Ltd. adopted a policy of environmental management. Environmental management is based on the principles of sustainable development and the requirements of international standards ISO 14001:1996 and is part of an integrated system of quality airport.

  It includes all the organizational components, named the business processes and environmental aspects. Environment management policy obliges all employees and is embedded in all documents, integrated system of quality airport. Effectiveness of the system is periodically examined and evaluated by the Board.

The system of environmental management are kept track of these five aspects: water, waste, air, noise and energy. Water is especially important aspect for the Zagreb Airport is located near the vodozaštitnog category. Large amounts of precipitation water control is taken over two separator and countless local and participator mastolovaca.
Great attention is paid to and the expenditure of energy. Consumption of electricity is managed by using the computer to selectively and automatically turn on and turn off consumers. Fuel oil and fuel have been replaced by cleaner energy source - gas.

  Reception and forwarding of cargo and mail

Zagreb Airport, Ltd. is a registered IATA cargo agent who provides a wide range of services in the reception and forwarding of goods and mail, and owns and manages its own trade warehouses. Our links with foreign carriers and airports guarantee tracking of each shipment of goods and mail around the world. We can accept, store and handle special cargo shipments.


     * Receipt and dispatch of cargo and mail
     * The issuance of documents for the cargo and mail
     * International Forwarding and Customs Review
     * Receive and dispatch special cargo
     * Material storage in the domestic and international transit
     * X-ray system for the control of goods / mail
     * Delivery of goods

       Facilities and equipment:
     * Edit
     * Material storage surface 2160 m2
     * High Electric Forklifts
     * Petrol Forklifts
     * Treasury
     * Cold rooms
     * Association for the freezer
     * Association for DGR
     * Association for RAR
     * Space for AVI
     * Space for diplomatic mail
     * Space for HUM
     * Carts for palete
     * X-ray control system
     * Vage

Business lounge "Zrinjevac"

Elegant Salon for business class travelers, is located in the transit area of international departure, offers the following benefits:

     * Phone
     * Fax
     * Drinks and snacks on the basis of self -
     * Satellite television
     * Information monitors
     * Domestic and international releases

Please groups that notice prior to arrival: 01 4562 114



VIP services, business meetings, press conferences, presentations, fashion shows, feasts (Meeting), assistance on arrival and departure.

For individual services will betray separate accounts according to the price list. Extraordinary price possible for daily use or special occasions in a special request.


Meeting Facilities


Catering services are possible by prior arrangement (separate account).

Business Hours

Daily from 7.00 am until 22:30 hours, outside of this time as possible with the announcement.

Use of VIP lounges

Price to rent the VIP lounges and conference halls is EUR 100.00 per hour / per VIP room.

Surface of a salon is 62 m2.

It is possible to unite the three VIP rooms, a surface area of 186 m2. Price VIP lounges surface of 186 m2 is EUR 300.00 per hour.

The prices are without VAT.


BOOK your vehicle
PHONE NUMBER       00385 91 516 52 36 - IVA
                                              00385 91 500 33 55 - KRESIMIR

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