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Vehicle reservations on e-mail or phone number 00385 91 516 52 36 - Iva 00385 91 500 33 55- Kresimir

Passenger transfers on all routes in Europe and Croatia, the city taxi services, courier services ...

Offer of our company-general of the services


"Taxi Rijeka" is a group of company for taxi services, passenger transport, car rental. We offer airport transfers, taxi service, acceptance of passengers at airport terminals, railway stations, bus stations, etc. .. Many years of experience guarantee the quality and level of transportation service you need. Read more about us taking a look at our pages that you can access by clicking the link above. Also for any information and offers please contact us via the online form, directly to our e-mail or by telephone. Among our many clients there are famous international companies, and also you can impress your business partners with our service VIP transportation service and service Airport Taxi Transfer .

BOOK your vehicle

contact form - !!! click here !!!
                               PHONE NUMBER       00385 91 516 52 36 - IVA
                                              00385 91 500 33 55 - KRESIMIR

In order to provide services at the level where you need to get to we had to extend the range of bids. Through years of experience we have gained by working daily with people of different profiles. So we decided in this article we describe in more detail services to be more close to you and your needs.



TAXI TRANSPORT - the term "taxi transport", we believe we don`t have to explain. With us this service, you can order by phone or E-mail ( ) or use contact form please tell us the following information so that we know which vehicle we send you and which driver.

When writing e-mail you should we give following information:


  - The exact destination where you are coming (airport Zagreb, Rijeka Bus Terminal ...)

  - The time of arrival

  - How many passengers need to transport the simple reason that we know to send the proper vehicle

  - Indicate the final destination or place and town in which you go.

  - Include your phone number so that you could contact the driver and the driver could contact you

*After you send us an e-mail,  you will get a response as soon as possible, because our operators are regularly controlling inbox.


RENT A VEHICLE WITH A DRIVER -  you can also order by an e-mail  or phone 00385.91.516.52.36. ( ) Service is essentially a more favorable because it is adapted only to you or you, for example, leases a vehicle at 3 hours or all day the vehicle is only available to you. In these cases, calculated initial price and kilometear is not charged separately.

Our driver is only available to you. Rental car transport means for the Town of Rijeka and the surrounding area of 15 km, which covers, for example, the City of Bakar to the City of Opatia.            

All vehicles used for the rental with a driver are equipped with the most sophisticated navigation devices, so that our drivers anywhere in Croatia or in Europe are in the ˝home field˝.

*After you send us an e-mail,  you will get a response as soon as possible, because our operators are regularly controlling inbox.



Passenger - Sometimes person must spend the night at  en route.  If  your temporary destination is Rijeka and surroundings we can provide bed. In what way? Just that when ordering transport note that you should sleep in Rijeka. Of course that is important to specify what type of accommodation you want (Hotel – what  star, Apartment or room only). We have established relationships with all relevant hotels and owners of apartments in this part of Croatia. It is important to note that this service organization for your accommodation for all users of our services completely free.



This type of service is the most challenging, because you've entrusted us to drive (or be available) to people you are of special importance, and before that you must show in the best light. At this service is a lot of work and constantly promote. In the town of Rijeka, simply has no business dealing with classical transport passengers or taxi business that can offer something like that. No matter what we do not have competition in the city, in this type of service must be complete and does not allow even the smallest towns failure.

We have a certain partners, and together with them, working on achieving the goal.

This service do car brand Mercedes-Benz E series, the vehicle is without a label so that the company guarantees confidence, and ensures its class, the maximum comfort with large amounts of luxury. For those over most of our partners we can provide limousine.


Contact information:

phone number: 00385.91.516.52.36. - Iva
                                    00385.91.500.33.55. - Kresimir
   office: 00385.51.615.729.


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