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Kvarner region - Taxi Rijeka from / to Kraljevica


Airport Rijeka - Kraljevica
Airport Zagreb - Kraljevica
Airport Trst - Kraljevica
Rijeka center - Kraljevica
Trst - Kraljevica


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Welcome to Kraljevica, a town and harbor 26 km south of Rijeka on the road towards Zadar. Kraljevica lies in the Vinodolski channel, at the entrance to the Bakarski bay, on a slightly inclined slope, in an area of favorable climate. Although it is not a very old town, its harbor and shipyard are well-known. Since the 19th century, it has been a famous tourist destination with luxurious villas and swimming beaches. The sandy and pebble beaches on the Ostro peninsula are the main tourist attractions, while the nearby bays of Scott and Dubno also have wonderful beaches. A well-equipped campsite surrounded by pine trees is not far away. Kraljevica is easily accessible from all directions and we recommend it to families with children and, due to its favorable climate, to those with respiratory problems and allergies. Besides the swimming beaches and the diverse gastronomic specialties, Kraljevica also offers a variety of sporting activities and entertainment: sailing, diving courses, water sports, many cultural events and much mor

Kraljevica settlement was established in late 15th century. Rijeka historian John Kobler of the names Kraljevica leads in connection with the customs for the goods, then the time called "Portorium" to wear, By the words portorium uvriježio name "Port". Croatian name Kraljevica for the first time, there are 1605. Log in Rijeka city council.

About najdavnijoj history Kraljevica few results. It is known that the most powerful medieval lords of this region, and the princes Zrinski Frankopan, had in his possession, and lord.

There are developed manual production, and products exported to the Mediterranean market. They are in 17th The two built a feudal castle. "Old Town", which is located in the center Kraljevica, was built in the first half of 17th c. Around 1650. was built and the "New City", now known among the population as a "castle Frankopan," which by its beauty and position above the shore to capture the attention of even the passenger's side. History of the castle is an interesting and intriguing because it is precisely within its walls made famous conspiracy Zrinsko-tourist, which was supposed to liberate Croatia Austrian jarmu. ,
  Unfortunately, both the fortress were the booty of the imperial army after discovering urote Banjol and Fran Krsto Frankopan 1671. year, and so of the former inner richness of these castles is not anything else. By the destruction of families Zrinski - Frankopan, "Old Town" has become a powder magazine Austrian army, and "New City" a military hospital, and later some time, and prison. Frankopan city play a major role in the Croatian literature since, according to legend, in Kraljevica Peter Cave wrote his najslavnije work, "Adrianskoga sea siren."

18. century was the turning for the development of Kraljevica. According to the orders of Emperor Charles VI. 28 April 1729. Mr. began building ports and shipyards. It built many Austrian warships, and later merchant sailing ships. Senj merchant Marco Susanna was built in 1785. The road connection Kraljevica the Karolinska Road to salaries, which gave a further development of settlements. Seamen, port workers, craftsmen, merchants and fishermen have vowed St. Nikola as a protector of sailors and of all passengers, and 1790. Mr founded an independent parish church. Church in the center of the old town, was given a Baroque bell tower, which now protects and adorns the place.

19. Century was in Kraljevica marked by significant economic development caused an increase in wholesale, the establishment of enterprises that are engaged in exports of wood and wheat, the import of salt and colonial goods. For the purposes of economy, 1873. Mr. was established bank called "Primorska savings."

On the cultural field Kraljevica always high lifts his flag. There is a number of years (since 1857th years to 1905. Mr.) worked Pastor James Randic, well-known school benefactor and founder kostrenske school. He is a friend of Bishop J.J. Strossmayer and was very active in the promotion of education and culture of our region. So, among other things, and his Owing to efforts in 1861. The established National Reading, to be "stirred mental and material progress, has stirred Mara for all that is patriotic and glorious," as he wrote the first president of Pastor James Randic. Its honorary members were Bishop J.J. Strossmayer, Dr. Franjo Racki, grof Julia Jankovic, Baron Metel Ozegovic and many others uglednici that time.Undoubtedly one of the most important event in the cultural life of the establishment of Primorska Printery 1873. g. It is out of the river (except the old Glagolitic printing in Senj Dear), the first coastal printery which are then followed by others: 1874. g. in Senj, 1877. Mr Bakar in, and 1878. Mr. Susak in, where it was moved from the printing house Kraljevica. While operated in Kraljevica, issued by the works of V. Hugo, Annual Dukljaninova pop, Voltaire, and Babic Croatian maritime dictionary. Printery the issue and thought Ante Starcevic, who was one time was a member Kraljevica in the Croatian Parliament. One of the editors list was then a teacher in Kraljevica, internationally renowned educational and social worker Sebald Cihlar. He was one of the founders EDUCATION - Literary Society. Our literature is given two sons: Milutin Cihlar and Nehaj Vatroslav Cihlar, who is the founder of "Library Augusta Senoe," Today the National library. The book creates Library users are given the names of Augusta Senoe, Antuna Nemčića, AG Matos, Milan Senoe, Eugen Kumičić, Jan Neruda (Czech writer), etc.
At the end of 19th century began significant development of tourism in Kraljevica. Year 1896. Sharp on the peninsula was built one of the first public swimming areas on the coast. Tourism development and helped build the hotel, "Liburnija", a magnificent building of Austrian count Ollschbaura, later turned into a hospital. Even while Sebald Cihlar was in Kraljevica, arrived in town for the teacher and domestic Turina son George, who has served in Kraljevica full 39 years (since 1876th years to 1915. G.). He was one of the main protagonists of the cultural life Kraljevica. Model has led the dramatic section Reading Room. Translating the play from the Italian, directed and acted. In many plays, often guests then known theater artists who came to Kraljevica the holidays. Among others were to: Milka Trnina, Mary Ruzicka-Strozzi, Ljerka charm, Milica Mihičić, Mila Dimitrijevic, Nikola FALLERE, Andrew Fijan. Frequent visitor was Menci Clement Crnčić, painting here your best marina (Skolj St. Mark "," Bonaca "), and Miroslav Kraljevic. Sense of art and love of the same, have become tradition in Kraljevica. Kraljevičan John Jakovčić founded in 1984. The Croatian Music Society "morning star", in which the framework is operated and orchestra. The honor society Ivan pl. Zajc compose the Poputnicu "Morning Star" in the text of the August Harambasic. Kraljevica was the central place of the municipality, and again this is a 1993. The Independent State of Croatia. Decision of the Parliament in 1997. The Kraljevica was granted the status of the city

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