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The island of Rab was protected by the gods who placed it in the lee of the Velebit range and in the shelter of Mt Kamenjak. This mountain, which might well arouse misgivings with its bare face turned towards the main highway and the Velebit Channel is in fact a real blessing for the island, for it protects it from the icy blasts of the north-easterly or bura, and has a generally beneficial effect on the climatic conditions. Rab is an island of sunshine, and this is no more phrase, for according to statistics it has 2,417 hours of sunshine a year. The sun shines on the island in June, July and August ten hours a day.

Rab is the southernmost of the islands in the bay of Kvarner, with a mostly Mediterranean vegetation. When you have left the bare, somewhat savage looking ferry harbour of Mišnjak, the island begins to be seen in a completely different light. The vegetation is luxuriant, and, because of the Mediterranean climate, as well as with the indigenous holm or holly oak, Rab is covered with evergreen forests.

About 9,000 inhabitants live in this marvellous part of the Adriatic, and at the height of the summer this number triples, for of the 20,000 accommodation units available, there are 16,000 beds in private accommodation alone, in single, double and triple rooms of all categories, as well as in suites and well equipped flats. Everywhere on the island is open to visitors, so that Rab is as a whole devoted to holiday-making.


KulturaKulturaFrom its first inhabitants, the Liburni, the Roman Empire, Byzantine Dalmatia, the time of the Croatian rulers, almost 400 years of Venetian rule (1115-1358), the Croatian Kingdom of Hungary, the Venetian Republic, the Habsburg Monarchy, French rule, the Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, right up to the awakening of national consciousness and the creation of the young Croatian State – history has certainly not passed the island of Rab by. Rab's turbulent history, its chroniclers and the safeguarding of its culture have led to the creation of Rab's trademark cultural and historical festivals.

The Rabska Fjera, the Rab Crossbowmen's mediaeval tournament, the folklore heritage – these are some of the events that visitors must see while staying on our island.

Come and watch these performances – they will take you back to some ancient time, to stories that paved the way for our present, stories which touch all of us and which contain truths that are historical and human and which are at the same time stories of the future.

There are also many galleries and street exhibitions to see.


►  Kvarner Riviera  - Wednesday, January 13, 2010
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