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On the Border Crossing was recorded increased traffic and cars waiting to go more than an hour. Automobile Club advises motorists to use the border crossing at Harmica Zapresic, but only for citizens of Croatian and European Union. At the GP Bregana enhanced the output and freight vehicles. Passenger car traffic in both directions was enhanced and the GP in Slavonski Brod, while the GP Stara Gradiska was enhanced only entrance. On the other border crossings no longer čekanja.Sljedeći weekend at the Austrian, Italian, Slovenian ski resorts begin Croatian weekly, so called because of the traditional number of racers with passports RH. Despite the domination, the Croats to their favorite ski resorts will be more than last winter sezone.Procjenjuje that the only Croatian weeks on snow in Austria to go sixty one thousand skiers from Croatian, 25,000 to 30,000 in Italy, and about 10,000 are in Sloveniju.Posjećena French ski resorts, where also went several thousand Croatian skier. After the war, their fans are found in Croatia and the Bosnian ski resorts Kupres, Jahorina and Bjelasnica. However, most of them elected by skiers from Dalmatia, largely because of proximity. Bulgarian ski resorts, however, still fail to find its guests among the Croats in numbers worth mentioning, and so passes and a new ski resort of Montenegro Kolasin

The hilly landscape of central Istria, Istria's most famous waterfall near Sopot, located Farmhouse Istria - Sopot.Čaroban landscape offers magnificent works of nature scenes ispreplećući with marly and forest areas, springs and streams surrounded by medieval towns in the hills. Pican and Gračišće together with an unusually beautiful countryside surroundings, yet 1973rd was declared a protected natural krajobrazom.Naši apartments and peasant household Farmhouse Istria - Sopot are located just at the foot of two medieval towns from which to reach only a summer evening sounds of church bells pretapajući with the voices of crickets and frogs. Feel the peace that can compare with deep meditation and tranquility that will bring true holiday away from the city noise and stresa.Kuća with pool is surrounded by meadows, fertile fields, gardens and vineyards from which the hosts are doing naturally in the traditional wine tourism način.Seoski Istria - Sopot in its offer includes only local food and vegetables grown in their own eco garden for vlastitte needs and the needs of its guests. It is very important, consider the hosts, especially during floods market cheap imported foods suspected porijekla.U yard two separate accommodation and catering facilities, pets staying horse, sheep, chickens, dogs and mačke.Moguće was riding, helping in the household and work field or in šumi.Kraj is well known for its hilly cycling adventures, several times a year are held at Hilly bicycle race downhill Gračišće, a very popular and a circular footpath St. Simon, who just goes through the waterfall Sopot, the most famous waterfall in fall Istri.Osim Sopot is located near several other less well-known waterfalls and nature of sheltered stream that can be visited with the help of domaćina.Na free use of the two extra bikes.


Croatia is a beautiful coast, but by all the known and the health tourism, the term under which to enter the spa, spa and wellness centers, and centers of plastic surgery, dentistry and other specialist services that are outside a lot more expensive. Number of foreign patients is constantly growing, evidence Croatian specialists. "Our prices are up to two - three times lower on those in England. Porcelain crown is 470 USD (2368 thousand), while in Italy for the same should allocate one thousand USD (5038 thousand) and more." Health tourism is a global business around trying 60 billion annually, with major centers in southeast Asia, India, Hungary, Mexico and Costa Rica, according TreatmentAbroad, a British travel agency specializing in health turizam.Procjenjuje that the growth potential of the sktora is about 20 percent a year, primarily due to an aging population in developed countries. Croatia wants to grab its share of the cake, on the back bujajućeg summer turizma.Kirurg Miljenko Bura this year founded Medical Group, which comprises 36 private clinics, dentists and surgeons, who provide services to foreign patients and promote medical tourism in Hrvatskoj.Neki of specialists think Croatia will win their "place in the sun, the exotic locations like Thailand health. Patients, service users are often surprised even quality of the service. When you find that prices are affordable, and plan to return to the next summer holidays combined with the repair of teeth, we learn from the famous Croatian stomatologa.Hrvatska by the development of health tourism opportunities in front of many other low budžetnih countries or developing countries because of the already highly developed summer tourism and natural and geo strategic advantage. "TreatmentAbroad 'claims that Croatia has great potential. 'Health tourism grows Information and feedback are very positive, "said the British agency Reuters. But before the Croatian was still a long way. Although last year tourism earned 10.7 billion, local media write that the health tourism took less than one percent of the amount. 'We are far below what Croatia can ... What we need now are organized approach and support the Government, "said Miljenko Bura


The lighthouse - the ideal spot for a perfect holiday

Alone on an island with no communication with the outside world, surrounded by the blue sea and sky that can change every time the mood. If this is what you dream, then the lighthouse Porer site that you visit. Porer Lighthouse located near a protected landscape of the South Kamenjak, the very tip of the Istrian peninsula in the middle of the blue sea is the ideal place for your holiday in the Robinson Crusoe style. Two rooms in a luxury furnished apartment svjetioničkom will surely delight you with their view of the open sea, where the sight can possibly occur in a small boat looking for fish. Perhaps you are lucky and see dolphins, in any case, you can enjoy the view of the popping fish, loons, in search of food or seagulls that constantly circulate air. How will befall themselves on a small island, left only the forces of nature, of which only lighthouse offers shelter, the question that only you know the answer. For more details visit the lighthouse


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