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Vehicle reservations on e-mail or phone number 00385 91 516 52 36 - Iva 00385 91 500 33 55- Kresimir

Passenger transfers on all routes in Europe and Croatia, the city taxi services, courier services ...

About us and the principles that lead through the job

"Taxi Rijeka" is a group of company for taxi services, passenger transport, car rental. We offer airport transfers, taxi service, acceptance of passengers at airport terminals, railway stations, bus stations, etc. .. Many years of experience guarantee the quality and level of transportation service you need. Read more about us taking a look at our pages that you can access by clicking the link above. Also for any information and offers please contact us via the online form, directly to our e-mail or by telephone. Among our many clients there are famous international companies, and also you can impress your business partners with our service VIP transportation service and service Airport Taxi Transfer .

Who we are?


We are an association of taxi operators the City of Rijeka and company for the transport of passengers and services. We have joined in order to provide a new service that is in the city of Rijeka on the level at which you deserve it. In this we have decided to move because of the specifics of our business that requires the presence of 24/7.

About us

Since the taxi service, travel transfers and transportation of passengers we carry more than 15 years, the desire to be the best service and the closest to citizens, travelers, tourists and all of you who are coming into our City of Rijeka, we decided over the Internet to offer our services to a wider range of potential users. Your coming to our site confirms that we are on the right track and we thank you for your interest in this presentation, taxi service, transportation service, passenger transfer services and other services that we customize just you and your needs, because we are us entrusted to transport you and your loved ones, and we have only one uncompromising goal, to do this in the most professional manner, because  

!!! Your trust is our obligation !!!


In what way we do?

  For us are working reliable and proven professional drivers, and certain private taxi carriers, and given that we are good partners for many years, we can always achieve a lower price for the services performed. We are aware that usual way of communicating with customers has a fault, given that we are unable to respond to your request for current vehicle in the normal way, when the vehicle came with the nearest stop to the specified address. We do not want to do so and do not want to be a competitor to existing taxi association. We want to offer a different and better service.

How we can do it?

Deals with the taxi business for many years and following the wishes of our regular and occasional clients, we had to have their expectations and needs when using the taxi service. We know that each customer has some specific requirements that the existing taxi offers in Rijeka can not always respond in the right way, for a number of reasons: ignorance of foreign languages, inappropriate attitude towards the client, unreliability and inaccuracy, outdated and arranged vehicles, incorrect billing ...

We can offer more!               We do better!


Therefore, because our vehicles are neat, and each of our drivers speak English and know a foreign language. Our drivers are very nicely, reliable, punctual and always willing to go out to meet the client.


There is only one condition

Book your car at the time!!    Book your vehicle in advance!!!

(  phone number 00385 91 516 52 36)




Besides the standard taxi services, such as transport from location to location according to the wishes of our clients, we offer some special services such as reception of clients in the specified time in the airport, bus station, railway station and their transfer to the desired location in the city, a permanent transport in the city on a special price, transfer from hotel in the agreed time to any location, transport to another city and back, we can wait for your child after night entertainments in one of the disco clubs.

Apart from these services, if required we can arrange a transfer, on any route, for any number of passengers, also at affordable prices.

If you need after the landing and taxi transport from any airport in Europe or to destinations in the city, we'll need to organize, since you work with taxi drivers in almost every city in Croatia and several taxi carrier in Europe.

Given that our future business depends solely on the satisfaction of our customers, we are with our clients in constant, direct contact. So we can follow the requirements of users of our services and endeavor to come out to meet every request, the best service and best prices, in accordance with the valid price list of taxi services. In this way, always know how much is a ride on the selected route, always will be issued a valid account for a taxi or transport services. We guarantee the maximum quality of service that will provide drivers who work for us. Therefore, using our own services and make sure that if we are better and if we offer more

Contact information:

phone number: 00385.91.516.52.36. - Iva
00385.91.500.33.55. - Kresimir
   office: 00385.51.615.729.




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